SponsorDaddy – Just Another Online Network Marketing System?

SponsorDaddy, the latest, claim-to-be-greatest online network marketing system which is now in pre-launch, has managed to create a bedazzled buzz in the online network marketing world.

So what’s all the fuss about SponsorDaddy anyway? Do we really need another over promise/under deliver online network marketing system? What makes SponsorDaddy so great?

As little as 2 years ago, there were only a handful of funded proposal style MLM systems, which gave any newbie the opportunity to be branded as “The Expert” in the industry. Today the internet is jam packed with tacky landing pages delivering endless “free” reports and overpriced eBooks disguising the obvious intention of lead generation.

So, when we received an invitation to check out the SponsorDaddy’s online network marketing system, naturally our defenses went up.

If any online network marketing system is going to compete against the masses, it obviously needs to stand out amongst the crowd. What we found as unique was the ‘plug and play’ approach to work for any MLM system, not just a lead generation tool, but as a way for you to brand yourself, together with your MLM opportunity.

In our experience, most online network marketing system provide excellent methods of lead generation, but a poor follow through on directing those prospects to your primary MLM opportunity. SponsorDaddy has that feature automated, making it easy for anyone new to the business as well as MLM professionals.

Adding to that, SponsorDaddy has the ability to market multiple MLM opportunities under the same platform, to the maximum of three different opportunities. On face value, the above benefits are enough to grab any successful network marketer’s undivided attention. But seeing online MLM system’s come and go, one has to ask: Can they deliver what they promise?

SponsorDaddy is classed as the new kid on the block, but the founders are most definitely not.

NaXum Online Marketing Services has been the provider of tools and services for home business entrepreneurs for about 6 years, enabling them to successfully market products and services online. From powerful custom flash movies, to custom newsletter systems, to a live spokesperson welcoming your website visitors, Naxum Online Marketing Services has touched every aspect of online MLM. With the experience gathered from dozens of custom branded online marketing system’s for affiliate companies, direct selling companies, their MLM leaders and distributor force, Naxum created SponsorDaddy. The same platform used for custom systems, now universal.

SponsorDaddy’s system appears to be rock solid. How about the money? Although SponsorDaddy system was designed as a MLM tool to promote your primary business, there’s a compensation plan attached which seems foolish to ignore.

SponsorDaddy pays out on direct coding bonuses (fast start) and weekly, residual income through a new style, very generous binary compensation plan.

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