Messung has always been a ‘habitat’ for innovation; a ‘culture’ where engineers, researchers and skilled workers continuously turn new ideas into innovative products and solutions.

Since their pioneering start in 1981, Messung has been committed to building industrial excellence in India. Messung has indigenously developed new products, and joined hands with strategic industry majors for different technologies to improve productivity and transform spaces for Indian industry, homes and businesses.

Although Messung started out as a pioneering PLC manufacturer, today, Messung is a diversified Group spanning three broad businesses: Automation & Controls, Electrical Engineering and Workplace Technology – each serving multiple industries.

Automation & Controls

Industrial Automation
Building & Infrastructure Automation
Home, Office & Hotel Automation
Electrical Engineering

Distribution & Control
Control Panels
Energy Management
Workplace Technology

ESD Workplace Systems
General Workplace Systems
Cleanroom Workplace Systems
Messung is a dynamic group, working with passion and diligence to deliver the most advanced and cost-effective solution for Indian industry. Across the industry spectrum, Messung partners with OEMs and end users to deliver the most efficient technology and service.

Integrating strategy and technical consulting expertise with deep domain knowledge and real-world experience, Messung helps industries, institutions and OEMs to improve efficiency and optimise their processes and workplaces.


Messung is 100% committed to its ‘Navonmesh – Make in India initiative’. Indeed, indigenous innovation is the foundation on which Messung is built. The company was established in 1981 with the objective of developing India’s first PLC. Meprolog-H was launched in 1983-84, and became the first of many path breaking PLCs developed by Messung.

Messung believes India needs cutting-edge technology at cost-effective prices – and indigenous manufacturing is the only way to provide it. Messung today has three production units and one Technology Centre in Pune where the team works continuously to design, develop and manufacture innovative solutions.

A major focus of Messung’s manufacturing is Automation. Well-known as an innovative PLC manufacturer, Messung is currently working on producing global quality PLCs, remote I/Os, SCADA applications, PID controllers and other controllers for industrial, building and home automation systems.Messung’s IoT-enabled Programmable Logic Controllers are feature-rich solutions that meet the exacting demands of modern industry. Messung is also developing world-classfront-end and back-end devices for home automation.

Yet another thrust is on workplace furniture. With world-class infrastructure and the latestmachines for wood cutting and metal cutting, Messung is manufacturing customised industrialwork tables, ESD tables, workstation chairs, ESD chairs & stools, storage trolleys, lab tables, racks, cabinets and othersolutions to optimise ESD and general workplaces. Built to the latest standards, Messung’s workplace solutions provide global quality and world-class looks at affordable prices. What’s more, since Messung manufactures all products inhouse, the potential for customisation with fast turnaround times is exciting.


Messung’s expertise extends to Building Management Systems (BMS) and Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS). Messung’s IOT-enabled BMS solution based on the Niagara Framework provides control and supervision of HVAC, Security, CCTV, Intrusion Alarm and Fire systems, including diesel genset, water pumping systems, and other third-party systems, which are now mandatory in all modern buildings.

The open solutions provide a sustainable foundation that supports and evolves with your building system’s lifecycle, helping you achieve over 30% savings in energy and operational costs while maximising occupant comfort and productivity.

Messung partners with Distech, Canada for their unique building management products and solutions. Products include:

BMS controllers
Bacnet/IP controllers
Bacnet MS/TP controllers
Lonworks controllers
Field Devices
HMI Displays
Electrical Engineering
Messung provides reliable, intelligent and world-class solutions for the Power Monitoring and Distribution sector besides customised Energy Management systems that provide complete visibility of electrical usage in industry, infrastructure and data centres.

Distribution & Control: Messung has tied up with Wöhner, Germany for revolutionary Busbar and offers the complete range of low voltage power distribution control system as per IEC 61439. Messung provides smart power distribution control panels with Wohner’s busbars and their own automation products like PLC, HMI and Scada.

Energy Management: Messung offers the complete, customised energy management solution as per IEEE 519including Network visualisation software as per ISO 50001 to help enterprises optimise power usage, improve power protection and increase productivity by reducing downtime, safety risks and electricity bills.

Messung partners through the complete lifecycle with an end-to-end PLM solution that covers the full gamut of ‘analytics-measure-analyse-solve-supervise-alert’ for efficient energy management including detailed mitigation.

With their expertise in electrical engineering, and incorporating best-in-class products from Janitza and Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt, Messung enhances productivity and the reliability of your critical electrical assets.

Products include:

Class A Power Quality Analysers from Janitza (IEC 61000-4-30 / EN 50160 / 61000-2-4)
DIN Rail Power Quality Analyzers and energy meters from Janitza
Network visualisation software and IT solutions from Janitza
Single Phase Online UPS from Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt
Three Phase Online UPS from Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt
Active Harmonic Filter from Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt
Industrial-grade Servo Stabilisers from Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt

Partner with Messung for a wide gamut of technology solutions for your industry or business. Messung offers the latest technologies and innovative solutions to serve diverse needs – from automation systems to building and home automation to energy management and workplace systems.

Trust Messung to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, covering almost every aspect of your industry – to enhance productivity, minimise costs, achieve global quality and sustainability standards.

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