Types of Email Marketing

Before you begin your email marketing campaign, you have to consider just what your objective is. Of course, you want to sell, but the business of marketing is a little more subtle than that. In fact, there are many ways to go about selling your product or service via an email campaign. As it were, email, besides being extremely cost effective is also quite flexible.

Direct Email: A direct email approach is pretty straightforward. It consists of sending out a promotional message in an email. The information contained in the email can simply be an announcement of new items, a special offer or discount, or it can be a friendly introduction.

Retention Email: The retention email takes on a different character. In this instance, you’re trying to keep customers coming back. You want loyalty. So, instead of a simple promo, a retention email should aim at developing a long term relationship with your customers. It should offer something more than just advertisements. You want to give your customers valuable information. You want to entertain your customers, keep them smiling during the day.

Once you determine what sort of email campaign you want to design, there are many different approaches you can take.

Email Newsletters: An email newsletter doesn’t focus directly on sales. The purpose of a newsletter is to foster a relationship with your customer. You do this by giving them information that’s of use to them, whether it be a weekly column about how to stay in shape, or a monthly recipe special. The content should be entertaining, easy to read, and thoughtful; it should reflect the core values of your company. Newsletters are an excellent opportunity to develop your brand, to make it stand for something. In the end, a good newsletter will lead to an indirect increase in sales.

Catalog Emails: An email catalog is an electronic representation of your product listing. This approach is more direct than a newsletter; it gets straight to the point. Of course, you do want to deliberate carefully about the design and aesthetics of the catalog. If your email catalog is hastily put together, without thought or care, you might as well abandon your email campaign and start over. Design is everything.

Best of Email: This approach goes along the lines of a catalog, but rather than displaying all your wares, you showcase a selected few that you have handpicked. The structure is fairly simple-all that’s required are a few promo shots, some quick copy and links to process orders.

Top Ten Emails: If you don’t want to do an all out newsletter or if you want to simply mix things up, you might want to think about sending a top ten email. These consist of facts and tips that will promote your product while giving customers helpful information. Any variation, e.g. top five ways to save money and look beautiful, or seven can’t miss tips, etc., works well too.

How To Email: This is very similar to the Top Ten approach, except rather than offering a list, you offer a tutorial. Show your customers how to make a birdhouse or knit a sweater, for example.

Press Release: A press release are the perfect way to get your company news coverage. This is especially useful if you have media contacts.

There is no one size fits all solution. Try out different methods to see what works best for your company. Get creative. Just remember to keep your customers at the forefront.

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Marketing Aesthetic Dentistry

Doctors often wonder when and how to start incorporating marketing into their long-range business plan. There’s no argument that it is a necessity – the questions are more about the process.

Ideally, a practice should start marketing from its inception. Whether general, cosmetic or another type of specialist, the sooner you market, the easier it is to develop your brand as a quality dentist in your market. However, as more and more doctors are transitioning from a general practice to one with a greater aesthetic focus, the need to create a source of pre-qualified patients with an interest in aesthetics grows.

Getting Started
Far too often, doctors turn to marketing once they realize their practice is in trouble. Perhaps they have dropped insurance too quickly, or the competition has landed in their neighborhood. The number of new patients each month has declined, and panic mode sets in. It must be time to stop stalling and start marketing.

In reality, successful marketing efforts are built over a period of time. The practice needs a plan. The practice needs a brand identity (ie – logo, tag line/positioning statement and consistent “look”). The practice and associated brand need several months of consistent advertising before they can even start to grab hold of a position in the mind of a prospective patient. Using marketing to turn a practice around within a month is like trying to stop a flood with a single sandbag.

So when is the best time for the non-advertising practice to start incorporating marketing into their practice? From the moment you take your first course at LVI. Start with the internal projects first – developing a long range plan, a logo, determining your position in the market, a stationary package, new patient welcome package, etc. Make sure you’re your case presentation and case closing skills are well practiced. Then, as you continue to take more courses and further develop your skills and confidence, you’ll be ready to jump into external marketing without waiting.

Patience = Patients
When asked how long the process takes, I often refer to the history of my husband Larry’s practice. Before he even opened his doors, we had created a logo and communicated his opening with print advertising and direct mail. As his interest in aesthetic dentistry grew, print ads about aesthetics began appearing in our advertising schedule.

But it was not until he had completed several LVI courses that we pulled the trigger focusing on aesthetics in our advertising. Gradually, more patients began asking about these services. In his estimation, it took over a year of consistent advertising about aesthetic dentistry before our market came to regard him as the premiere choice for those services.

As a general rule, the more saturated your market, the longer the process takes. We were fortunate with Larry’s practice because we live in a rural area with virtually no established competition for aesthetic dentistry – and it still took a year. Of course, now the competition has caught on and competitive ads about cosmetic dentistry are infiltrating the market. But since he was established in his position, his brand has remained consistently strong. As a general rule, you have to spend twice as much money to achieve half the result if you’re trying to occupy an established position. Find a niche message and stay with it.

In a metropolitan area such as Philadelphia or Houston, advertising for aesthetic anything can be seen in every medium. Cosmetic surgery, LASIK, permanent makeup and salons are all competing for your prospect’s expendable “health and beauty” income. A myriad of ads for smile makeovers pepper the magazines, radio and TV. Your prospective patient now has to sort through all this clutter to get to your message, and with enough frequency that they remember you when the time comes to make a decision.

There is skill involved in knowing when to start promoting your talents. An old saying in advertising goes “Nothing can kill a bad product faster than good advertising.” In other words, have your clinical, case presentation and case closure skills refined before you unleash your message on the public.

Where Do I Start?
Once you’ve made the decision to market your practice, you’ll need to do a little homework. First, carefully evaluate the competition in your market area. This includes anyone promoting out of pocket health and beauty services as well as other dentists.

Look in the local paper, lifestyle magazines, yellow pages and check your mail. Watch the ads on TV and listen to the radio. Cruise the web for your market. Try to gauge the message and frequency over a period of several weeks. Rip out ads and make notes about what you see. Are these advertisers consistent or just looking for a quick fix? Those with a consistent and clear message are your competition.

Next, determine the best person to help you guide the marketing of your practice. There are many independent consultants who can help create a long range plan and schedule for program development. Give them appropriate insight into your business and plans, but make sure they do the homework to learn the nuances of your industry. There are also a number of excellent full service agencies who can execute the plans as well as develop them.

Unless your office manager has credible past experience, don’t frustrate her and make her learn a new industry. Work with an experienced marketing professional who looks at the whole picture. You or your chosen point person should act as the VP Marketing does in a corporation – manage the consultant or agency, but let them do what you hired them to do.

It Worked For My Best Friend, So…
We hear it often – “I’ve been hearing that radio worked really well in “X” market. Let’s give radio a try.” The key to marketing a practice lies in understanding the principles behind marketing strategy. Every market and message is unique. What you say and how you communicate it will not have the same results in Lewisburg, PA as it will in San Francisco. It totally depends on who your target demographic is (family age women, professional men, blue collar, Hollywood, divorcees, etc.) and where they are located (holistic S. California, power-driven D.C, health conscious mid-west). There is no single right answer for everyone. That’s why package marketing solutions work well for some people and totally bomb for others. The more your marketing consultant knows about your target market and competition, the more specific – and targeted – the message can be.

Pulling the Trigger
While you may have hired a consultant or agency, remember that ultimately, it’s your business. The agency has an obligation to give you recommendations based on their knowledge and experience. But everything you approve – logo, ads, website – will all reflect on you and your practice. Make sure you’re not only comfortable with what you approve, but that you love it. A good agency will keep working until you get a product that simply thrills you, as well as one that gets calls from patients.

Once you’ve made the decision to add marketing to your practice, be prepared for a long term commitment. Remember that it takes time to get results, but with good direction and a unique creative message, you will get the attention of your prospective patients. Don’t change directions after only a month – give it time. Keep an eye on the future. Strategies to market aesthetic dentistry will change as our society’s trends and needs continue to change. Evaluate the competition, track your results, and most of all, keep learning. Continual improvement will help to define your success.

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Information Marketing – Starting a Business

When you are working with limited funds, starting your info-marketing business may require financial maneuvering. I have several strategies that can help you start your business using the funds you have.

As the President of the Information Marketing Association, I host monthly coaching calls for info-marketers who have questions and are trying to launch their infopreneur business. Here is a question from Susan in Florida about starting a new business with limited funds. Since this is a common question, I decided to prepare an article about this challenge to help you.

If funds are limited the two easiest ways to grow your business rapidly is either through an affiliate arrangement where somebody already has your customer or to figure out how to start doing this thing online where you are selling your product or service online and you’re driving traffic to your site through search engine optimization.

The first way, somebody already has an affluent customer that you want to do a joint venture with in order to provide your products or services. That way you can get your information to the customer where it has an endorsement from somebody who already has trust with them. That’s one way and probably the best way.

The second way is to figure out how to start creating your business online where you are selling your product or service and you’re driving traffic to your site through search engine optimization. Using a search engine optimizer is very cheap, and click advertising would be moderate. I would probably go online and see who else is marketing to your niche, who has assembled these people already? I would be approach those marketers in a way where, since they already have the customers you can work together in order to provide this other service to them that many of them need

When you approach other marketers about at joint venture, you don’t want to approach them saying how they can help you. You want to first approach them of how you can help them. Tell them how you can provide them with articles or information they can send out to their customers or members. You can help them with newsletters, online or offline, or maybe a CD where they interview you or teleseminar where they interview you as the expert. Now they can now provide additional information to their members that make them look better.

If you can narrowly define your market of people that are most likely to want what you have, doing a direct mail three-step funnel to them would probably be a very good strategy if the direct mail were good. The other thing is that if you send out the first wave and you get a miserable response, don’t send out the second one. So send out the second wave only if you get a decent response on the first. That way you can plan a different strategy or find out that direct mail isn’t the right link.

There have never been greater, more diverse, more lucrative opportunities for everyone-experienced, successful entrepreneurs to rank beginners-in the field of information marketing. If you can name a topic, there is a market for providing information about it. People buy information about almost everything-from hobbyist topics like dog training, to business topics like how to sell over the telephone, to self-improvement topics like fitness walking. The key is to find a responsive market and then package information that customers want in convenient forms such as DVD’s, books, eBooks, CD’s, magazines, websites, teleseminars, webinars, coaching programs, seminars, and conferences. Watch a free video revealing several info-marketers created their products and became infopreneurs at [http://www.InfoMarketingStartup.com].

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The Shocking Truth About Internet Dental Marketing And Why Many Fail

When someone in the dental industry talks about dental marketing online, they usually are referring to website design.

But in the overall scope of internet dental marketing, a website is just a simple step to an effective dental practice internet marketing system.

The truth is, a dental website needs the same amount of attention as a good postcard, or phone book ad. Pretty pictures and fancy animations do not effectively CONVERT the visitor into a patient, and that’s the whole purpose right?

You have to look at your marketing as a series of steps to a door. Your goal is to get a patient to walk in the door.

The goal of one step then is to get them to move to the next step, and so on.

What is the step before your website. It can be a Google search, a link form another website, or even a mention on a direct mailer that creates a website visit.

Once the patient is at your website, what is the next step for them? Are they supposed to call your office? Are they supposed to download your new patient forms? Are they supposed to email you?

Is it clear what your patients need to do to take the next step?

Many dental marketing website designers will load a website up with links, animations, videos, and little to no text. This causes a visitor to click through a bunch of pages, but really offers no direction when it comes to what the next step is.

The dental website design with a lot of options and pages may work well for a retail site like Amazon, but when there is a specific purpose for your patient everything on your dental website should point them in that direction.

In fact, if you want to provide your current patients with a lot of information, but drive your new visitors to become patients, why not have 2 websites?

Domain names are cheap, and it would be as easy to have one dental website as it would two.

You could them post all of your information about Invisalign, or information you use in marketing dental implants on one, and on the other, post a structured presentation that takes your patients step by step through the information you want to present.

Your new patients will then be directed through the presentation, and have it be clear what the next step is.

This new patient website would then be the one you print in your yellow pages, and make your Google ads link to. It would be a great first point of contact for your practice.

Your current patient website would be printed in your newsletter, and on any correspondence you give to your current patients. You could even post it up in your office as a special “patients only” website, adding exclusivity.

So, when you are considering dental website marketing, ask your designer about two different websites, and make sure to do the “mom” test. That is, have your mom look at the site, and ask her what she thinks the next step is. This one never fails to give you a DUH moment.

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How Email Marketing Could Help You

Direct marketing is a type of advertising that is more personal compared to other advertising tools because it reaches it communicates to the customers directly. It is a very common practice among many companies and from the many different styles of direct marketing, email marketing is becoming more and more popular and widely used.

Email marketing is a kind of direct marketing that makes use of electronic mail to reach its customers. This is how they communicate with their customers, updating them with promos and products and enhancing customer relationships.

Many companies use email marketing because it brings about a lot of benefits to the company and the number benefit that this kind of marketing brings is that it is cost-efficient. Emailing is a whole lot cheaper that using mass media as an advertising tool. There is no need to print out advertisements and it does not have any postage expense which comes with direct mailing. All you will need is a good email marketing software or provider to email ad campaigns to all your customers.

Another benefit of email marketing is that it has a worldwide global reach and it is fast. The internet can reach anyone and anywhere in mere minutes that is why you can expect immediate action as soon as the email that you sent is opened. With just a few clicks, you can expect your customers to complete a purchase.

Also, it is more personalized compared to other media tools because using email allows you to personalize your greetings and messages. It is also easier to keep in touch with prospects and repeat customers because they can easily save your email and you can constantly communicate with them using email.

The best thing of all is that it is very effective in increasing sales and in generating repeat business. Sometimes, you have to constantly remind a person of your product before they begin a purchase. With the help of the email, you can constantly send out mails about your products and eventually your prospects will be curious about it and buy it. And once they buy from you, it will be easier for you to take care of your existing customers and keep in touch with them to generate repeat sales.

With email marketing you can easily get feedback from your customers. Are they satisfied with the product? Can the product be improved? You can easily find the answers to these questions because customers can easily reply their feedback through the email that you sent. You can even send them surveys about your products to know what they think about it.

The internet has definitely become a necessity among many people and it is one of the most powerful marketing tools that any company or business could use. That is why if you want to reach more customers in a faster, easier and cheaper way then marketing through the use of email may be perfect for you. With the use of email, you can easily reach your prospects and customers with just a few clicks.

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Market Volatility Spurs Increased Investing Outside Stock Market

As the stock market takes yet another monumental dive and continues to thwart investors, the non-traditional investment market is gaining increased market-share. Investing IRA and 401(k) funds outside the stock market and into real estate, tax liens, and funding a business was all but unheard of even five years ago.

Today, however, investors are taking these opportunities to generate higher and more secure returns than the stock market may offer. Since 2000, investor participation in such investments has more than doubled and is projected to account for 20 percent of retirement funds by 2015. The lack of good, credible information and the inability to locate providers that offer these types of investment vehicles are often the most prominent reasons more people are not diversifying their portfolios into these types of investments.

Typically we rely on stockbrokers and plan administrators to offer this type of advice and/or service, but these professionals would not make commissions on investments outside the stock market, so it is left up to the individual investor to take charge. The first step in taking advantage of these opportunities is to find a reputable company that offers a truly self-directed IRA. There are a handful of companies out there, some commission based and some who offer more predictable flat fees. Depending on the type of investments you are planning to make, you will need to select the one that works best for you.

Whether you feel the real-estate boom is over or not, consider the fact that as the population grows to accommodate another 70 million people in the next two decades, 127 billion square feet of new or replacement structures will be added to the existing base of 300 billion square feet. Dig a little deeper and you will notice that even though the market in your area may have dipped, there are still a vast number of markets that are flourishing.

Also, in areas where real-estate prices are dipping the number of foreclosure investment opportunities is increasing. If you are looking for a potentially even higher return, consider investment opportunities outside of the United States. Self-directed IRAs provide opportunities to investors who want to take a more active role in the investment of their retirement funds. These accounts provide investors with additional capabilities to invest in multiple markets, make time-sensitive investments, and to diversify their investment portfolio. Non-traditional investments are not securities; unlike stocks, however, they can offer secured returns. With self-directed IRAs you have complete freedom and control of your retirement funds, which can create endless possibilities.

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How to Make Money Online – Article Marketing Strategies For the Beginner Internet Marketer

Of all the methods to make money online, article marketing strategies are some of the simplest and most straightforward. Using just your brains, your motivation, and your knowledge, you can leverage article directories and web 2.0 technologies to create a significant income for yourself over time.

Article marketing works because a significant amount of the time spent online is spent looking for targeted, authoritative information on one topic or another. When you write an article that specifically addresses the needs of a narrowly defined internet visitor, you improve the likelihood that they will seek to engage with you, your content, and possibly your products, at a deeper level.

Once you develop a way to monetize an online relationship, you can focus on creating those relationships (however temporary they may be) through article marketing.

Building an Online Money Tree

For a beginner, one of the most obvious paths to success online is with internet affiliate marketing. When you find an affiliate marketing program that is trustworthy, authoritative, and potentially lucrative, your next step would be to complete their sign up process so that they have a way to pay you.

Many affiliate programs will require you to sign up with ClickBank or PayPal so that they can send you payments easily and conveniently. You will then be assigned an affiliate link, so that they can track the activities and sales for which you will receive credit. Once you have your affiliate links, you are ready to make money online with article marketing. The following steps will help you maximize your income from your article marketing efforts.

5 Strategies for Successful Article Marketing Income

1. Start with Market Research

Many people take the time and effort to write excellent articles only to blow it because they are not customer-centric in their efforts. For instance, writing excellent articles for a market niche that does not have the money to buy products or that does not typically purchase information products online in great numbers.

Online market research involves identifying the informational needs of your target online market, and then locking in on the keywords and the destinations that they typically turn to in meeting their needs. Your keyword research should be extensive so that you maximize your ability to attract search engine traffic to your articles.

2. Create An Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a general subject guide for feature articles used by publishers to organize their writers and pre-sell advertising. In your case, you will use an editorial calendar to make it easy for you to see the big picture of what you’re writing about and to get your mind ready to write. It also makes it easier to write your articles in advance and publish later if you want to. For me, I have found that it helps me decrease or remove “writer’s block” when I create an editorial calendar made up of article headlines to be written later.

3. Align Your Writing To Pre-Sell

It’s not just enough to produce informative and well-written articles, your written content should also put your readers in a warm, ready-to-buy mood. Your articles should solve problems, clarify opportunities and make it easy for them to take action. In other words, you should write your content keeping its purpose in mind. One way to accomplish this is by consuming all the material you can from the seller for whom you are an affiliate. By doing so, you can weave in knowledge gained from them into the articles you write, and improve sales conversions later when your readers start consuming information that aligns with what they read earlier.

4. Develop Writing Rituals

Set up a protocol and a special space for writing your articles. Try to make sure that you don’t have any distractions when you sit down to write. Successful writers have used writing rituals for millennia and they have proven to be very effective mental devices. If you find yourself, particularly stuck for something to write, just pull out your editorial calendar and make yourself write an article on one of the headlines you have stored.

5. Study Direct Response Advertising And Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To get the most from online article marketing, you should spend some time educating yourself on direct response and search engine optimization principles. Direct response marketing has to do with advertising that asks the audience to take a specific action that can be measured and tracked. If you’ve ever watched a TV infomercial or received a piece of “junk mail” that asked you to make a purchase, you’ve seen direct response advertising.

The reason direct response is so important is that your headlines and your article resource boxes have to effectively trigger an “engagement response” from your online readers if you hope to maximize your income online. A simple strategy of crafting headlines that combine implied benefit with curiosity can get many more of your articles read when web searchers find them on the search engine results pages.

Those same direct response strategies also come in handy at the end of your article when you try to invite your readers to click through on the links in your article resource boxes (the brief “about the author” blurbs found at the end of most articles).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is equally important online because without proper SEO, your article may not show up at all when online visitors enter their search terms into Google, Yahoo or any of the other search engines. A poorly optimized article can severely hamper your ability to generate free search engine traffic. By honing your skills in both areas, you give yourself a great chance to make money online with article marketing over the long run.

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15 Tips on What To Look For In A Direct Email Marketing Software

I just can’t emphasize this point enough! If you don’t take control of your business now — if you don’t automate the tasks and routines that will demand your time over and over again, email WILL take over your life. Time that would be more profitably spent promoting and marketing your business will be wasted on hours of email!

That’s why it’s important to know, what to look for a direct email marketing software.

1. Personalize your mailings and quadruple the response you receive! It must allow you to merge an unlimited number of fields in to your email message (i.e. firstname, lastname, product purchased, date of purchase, etc…), so that when people receive your message, they will assume you know them! Your message will look extremely professional, and will be far less likely to hit the trash before being read if you include this kind of information.

2. It should automatically place each recipient’s own email address in the “To:” field. This ensures that your email is not mistaken for spam and filtered out, as is so often the case when bulk email is sent using the BBC field.

3. Automatically filter your email to remove duplicate address and duplicate domain names

4. Clean out your email database and remove undeliverables along with the addresses of people who have sent you “remove” requests or flames. This may not seem like an important feature at first, but when you are dealing with hundreds (or even thousands) of returned emails, this feature can save you a mountain of time.

5. Start and stop mailings at any point and pick up exactly where you left off. This feature is a lifesaver if you ever lose your Internet connection in the middle of a mailing… or if you want to split your mailing into more than one session.

6. Automatically subscribe and unsubscribe people to your newsletter. This will save you hours and hours of work every week.

7. A good direct email marketing software should automatically replies to incoming email with exactly the right message! There’s no need to spend tedious hours typing the same messages over and over again.

8. Automatically capture and store contact information from your website visitors (i.e. names, email address, postal address, etc…)

9. Extract email addresses from virtually any file on your computer and organize them into a simple database without the hassle of cutting and pasting!

10. It can also be used to automate repetitive chores that waste your valuable time.

11. Run multiple newsletters automatically from anywhere in the world… for free! You’ll have no need for a mailing list/newsletter software that runs on your ISP’s server and costs anywhere from $50 to $300 every month, depending on the size of your subscriber base).

12. It will take care of all the administrative tasks! A free newsletter is a great way to promote your products, establish your credibility, and address any concerns that might be preventing your potential customers from buying.

13. Easily send “backend” offers to previous customers… and earn fantastic profits!

14. A good direct email marketing software must have a powerful “web form processor” that can automatically process web form submissions (like orders, applications, leads, etc.) and convert them to an “email merge data file.” This can be used for personalized mailings or even imported into your normal database program. This is incredibly powerful if used correctly!

15. It will allow you to send personalized text message email and HTML email. With HTML email, you can include any bolding, italics, color, graphics, etc… that you would use on a regular web page… which makes it way more visually appealing than a plain text email. My suggestion is to offer subscribers to your opt-in list the option of receiving their email in either of these formats. It will be well worth the small amount of extra effort!

I am sure you are starting to see why a good direct email marketing software is an important tool for online marketing (and how it can increase your sales and save you incredible amounts of time).

And that wraps up my article about direct email marketing software.

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2 Marketing Techniques You Shouldn’t Use

How often do you buy books on marketing and advertising, but they just fail to never work for you? I can remember this from my early days of marketing and advertising, I had listened to so many people trying to get me to buy their products, and I just got sick of it. Instead of buying their products, I used my own intuition to market my products and services.

This actually worked for me. There are a lot of so called “gurus” who will lead you in the direction of buying their products… only to leave you with limited (or rehashed) information that doesn’t help you to make more money in your business. Some of these people are even still advising old marketing techniques that are ineffective and time consuming.

So what are the techniques that I am talking about today? Well, I’m talking about some strategies that maybe even YOU may have considered using, but failed to work for you. In fact, let’s take a look at some of the strategies that are ineffective when it comes to marketing your business. Here’s technique number 1.

1) Telemarketing or cold calling

I’m sure you’ve tried cold calling before. And when you did so, you probably went into the call not prepared for anything. I don’t like cold calling because it’s time consuming, and there are other marketing strategies out there that can produce faster results for you in the form of income.

With cold calling, you need to be prepared. You need to have a script, a list of questions to ask your prospects, and a method of setting up appointments and closing sales. If you don’t want to do this, you can hire some people to do it for you. This is where tele-marketing comes into play.

I wouldn’t want my business success to be based on people who could care less about whether or not the business succeeds – they’re just looking for a quick paycheck to take care of their immediate matters. Here’s another technique that you shouldn’t use as part of your marketing arsenal.

2) “Cold” direct mail

When I say “cold” direct mail, I mean going into the phone book and randomly mailing to people who may or may not say “yes” to you. The majority of time, you will get no response. If you want to do direct mail correctly, then I suggest you start with building a mailing list.

Send out a postcard or 1-page direct mail letter documenting the problems they’re having and how you can help them with them. End with a free offer that they can take hold of, and gather their contact information. Once you have this information, go and begin your direct mail campaign all over again with these hot new prospects. More than likely, your conversion rates will skyrocket.

When marketing, you can only do your best. And the best way to do your best is to stick with techniques that actually work for you. These 2 techniques, are not the way to go.

Good luck with marketing your products and services.

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Successful Direct Marketing Campaigns With Business Mailing Lists for Special Promotions

A direct mailing list campaign should be an important part of any business’ marketing efforts. Increased marketing efforts will increase company growth. Business owners should consider increasing their marketing and direct mail marketing efforts with business mailing lists. When done properly, a direct mailing campaign can be the most cost effective way to promote your product or service to anyone, anywhere in the country. Any business in any industry can benefit from performing a direct mailing list campaign. There are several successful direct marketing strategies that can benefit from business mailing lists for special promotions.

Business lists offer a new direction in your mailing efforts. By targeting a business, you can specify key contacts within an organization. There are many offers that would be attractive to business owners, presidents and other top key contacts. Business owners and top contacts can be a great target audience for life insurance offers, business supplies, merchant services and more. By tailoring your message and mail piece to these high paid executives at their business address, your response rate can be significantly higher than marketing at their home address. Business databases are also exempt from the federal do not call. This is a huge benefit when promoting products and services through telemarketing. Every business record has a callable phone number available.

The ability to target specific type of businesses is another advantage. With any business database, there is the ability to target specific industries. The government assigns all business with an industry SIC code, which describes each type of business. Some databases vary in the exact SIC code assignment. Mailing list providers have the ability to look these codes up based on the industry you want to target. Depending on your targeted business, you can select Attorney Office, Auto Mechanics, Accountant Offices and more. You also have the ability to simply suggest more generically wholesale businesses, manufacturing, retail, etc.

There are many special selects available on a business database that may not even been considered. These specialty selects can be a great way to narrow down your business search criteria. There is the ability to select business owners that own their office building, which can be great for roofers and landscapers. Businesses are selectable by employee sizes and sales volume. Some other popular selects available include private or public companies, woman owned businesses, minority owned businesses, and even legal status.

Marketing with business mailing lists can add an entirely new marketing audience that will be sure to bring in additional revenue for any company. Direct mailing list campaigns are one of the most effective ways of marketing because of the ability to focus your message to as many or as few recipients as your budget permits. These proven techniques will enhance any company’s marketing efforts, especially when used along with specifically tailored mailing lists. Direct mailing campaigns allow companies to measure and maximize their marketing dollars to ensure there is a positive marketing return. Mail marketing is a proven strategy and is an efficient tangible way to reach your targeted audience.

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