Network Marketing – When You Advertise

I was visiting a very popular network marketing site today. I was a bit surprised when I took a look at the sponsor page. I found several people on the sponsor page who I had never heard of before. So why was I surprised?

This network marketing site has many opportunities to “get involved” :

1. You can chat on their message boards.
2. You can submit articles for the monthly newsletter.
3. You can post comments and interact on one of several blogs.
4. You can buy advertising in four different places.

This is not the only site where I’ve seen network marketers invest time advertising in one place, but then not getting involved in other places. (all on the same site)

When you market, look around for opportunities to get involved:

1. If you’re advertising in an ezine, write a guest article from time to time.
2. If you’re buying a banner ad, or button ad, see if you can write a guest column for the site.
3. If you’re advertising on a blog, comment on posts weekly. Write well thought out, helpful comments. Offer to post guest posts once in a while.
4. If you’re advertising on a site that has a message board community, participate in the community. Visit weekly and add value to the conversations.
5. If you’re placing a classified ad on a message board, make sure to also participate in the community so that those who see your ad know who you are. They open your ad because they want to know what you have to offer.
6. Sponsor a contest from time to time on sites you are advertising on. You want your name and your company name known on this site.
7. Offer to contribute content on the site in an area where they don’t have quite enough content.

These are all ways you can get involved in the sites you are investing money to advertise on.

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